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December 6, 2006

Latest customer co-creation trend -- new ways to reward customers

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Posted by Renee Hopkins Callahan

My favorite trendspotting source,, reports on what they see as the latest facet in the consumer-generated content trend: Generation C (for content) turns to Generation C (for cash):

If consumers produce the content, if they are the content, and that content brings in money for aggregating brands, then revenue and profit-sharing is going to be one of 2007’s main themes in the online space. It’s not like brands will have a choice: talented consumers are going to be too sought after to remain satisfied with thank you notes. Get ready for an avalanche of revenue sharing deals, reward schemes and sumptuous gifts aimed at luring creative consumers."
Of course this makes perfect sense. We offer incentives to our Imaginators(tm) panelists, and in marketing research offering an incentive for surveys is considered the most ethical and successful way to build and keep a panel from which to recruit respondents.

While you're at the site, it's worth your while to check out 2007 Trend Report. You can buy it for $500, or the download the .PDF "peek" here.

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